Yano manga

Personal statistics
Name Yano
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Black
Occupation Gang Leader
Partner(s) Mitsuo
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 9
Manga debut Chapter 21
Image Gallery

Yano is the leader of Mitsuo's gang. He tried to fight Shinichi, but backed down after getting scared.


Yano is a tall young man with black hair with the sides buzzed off and slight facial hair. He wore a brown jacket with a red shirt underneath.


Yano was described as arrogant by Shinichi. However, he apparently shows to have a good sense of judgement as he was able to realize that he was no match for Shinichi.


Yano is first seen asking Mitsuo what happened to him. He and the rest of his gang later confront Hideo Shimada outside of school. Though Shimada initially denies their invitation, he gives in and they head to an open field. Before they fight, Shinichi arrives and tells Shimada to leave, and that he'll deal with them. Shinichi then proceeds to pick Yano out of the group of men as the leader. Yano asks how he knew, and is told it's the way he carries himself. Yano then goes to punch Shinichi, but has his fist caught. Shocked that Shinichi stopped his fist, Shinichi starts to squeeze his fist. This causes Yano to tell his gang to leave, and that Shinichi isn't worth the time. Yano turns away frightened, looking at his hand, which has finger marks on it now and thinks about how he was no match for Shinichi.

Powers and Abilities

As the leader of Mitsuo's gang, Yano's fighting skills is assume to be greater than Mitsuo or the others.

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