Terai anime

Personal statistics
Name Terai
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Black
Hair Black
Occupation Teacher
Series statistics
Manga debut Chapter 13

Terai is a teacher at Makiko Hayase's school.


Terai is a slightly older man, with an average sized build and is fairly tall. He was seen wearing a white collared shirt tucked into dress pants.


Terai has no problem with berating his students and even hitting them. He quick to judge and take people's belongings, but when Shinichi stood up to him, he backed off.


Terai is first seen boarding the ferry, with one of his friends, and is noticed by Makiko. After his friend noticed Makiko, he walks over to her and confronts her about skipping school. He quickly takes her school bag and starts rummaging through, noting that her school uniform is in it. Telling Shinichi to stay away from his students, Makiko says that he's not apart of this, Terai then proceeds to smacks her. Going to reach for Shinichi's bag, Shinichi quickly stands up and aggressively asks Terai what he's doing, scaring him.

Back at the port, still shaken up, his friend makes note that he's stood up to much tougher students. Terai replies that the kid really wanted to kill him.


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