Taoka anime

Taoka manga

Personal statistics
Name Taoka
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Grey (Anime)
Black (Manga)
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 22
Manga debut Chapter 59
Seiyuu Masaki Aizawa
English Voice Rutherford Cravens

Taoka is a member of a small village, he suspected Shinichi of murder.


Taoka is a middle aged man, with wavy grey hair and brown eyes. He wore a brown jacket over a green flannel button up shirt. In the manga he wore a dress shirt and slacks.


Taoka is a very untrusting man, finding a young boy like Shinichi suspicious of murder. He forced Shinichi to stay until the police arrived. He was one of the few people that didn't laugh or berate Nakano for his story.


He is first seen with Naito, they are walking along a dirt road and greet Mitsuyo, who is with Shinichi. Questioning who he is, Mitsuyo replies that it's her nephew. After Naito annoys Mitsuyo, they both head on their way.

A few days later Taoka, who is riding along with someone, notices Shinichi and Mitsuyo. After getting out he questions if he is really her nephew they both answer no and that he was just leaving anyway. Taoka denies Shinichi of his leave, as numerous event have transpired recently; first copious amount of garbage have been dump in the forest, then a car crash involving empty vehicles, and now a murder. Taoka then asks Shinichi to come with him for a police line up.

Arriving at Nakano's house, Taoka brings Shinichi in and asks if this was the person that killed Kitayama. Nakano begins frantically telling them house it was a person that killed Kitayama, but a monster. Shinichi then asks Taoka where the car accident took place and tells him a few kilometers from here. He questions if Shinichi knows anything about it, something her denies. After the police arrive, taoka watches in silence as Nakano tells him his story. When the police ask to seen the scene of the crime Taoka decides to go with them.

In the forest Taoka, Nakano, Naito and the detectives look for Kitayama's body. They soon come across his mauled and mutilated body, causing a slight panic. After returning home, Taoka along with the rest of the village is asked to stay indoors and lock their homes.

The next morning the village is alerted, that the monsters body had been found, Taoka is likely among the people who go and investigate.

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