Namiki Inn is a family run business, in which Makiko and her work at.



The Namiki Inn is 50m from the backside of the Sakurazaki Hospital. Due to how close it is to said hospital, it is more that likely located in Izu, in Shizuoka Prefecture.


After being rejected from multiple hotels, due to being a minor with no guardian or not having a reservation, Shinichi is able to find this inn. As he enters and asks for a room he is greeted by Makiko, the young girl he meet on the ferry earlier that day.

After given a room, Shinichi is seen staring off at the hospital wondering when the parasite that took his mother's body, will arrive. Shinichi then hears Makiko walking up the stairs and through the walls, at a distance that should've been to far, and is told his dinner is ready. Shinichi begins to wonder if his hearings improved.

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