Nakano anime

Nakano manga

Personal statistics
Name Nakano
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Black
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 22
Manga debut Chapter 60
Seiyuu Takuma Suzuki
English Voice Scott Gibbs

Nakano witnessed Gotou kill his friend


Nakano wore a blue jacket with a white shirt underneath. He has slicked back black hair, with multiple strands hanging in front and a mustache. In the manga, he had a plaid long sleeved shirt and slacks. In both, his shoulder is stained with his friends blood.


Due to losing his friend, Nakano was slightly distant, yet became frantic when speaking of the encounter. He became agitated that nobody believed him that a beast attacked them.


Nakano is first seen walking in the forest with his friend, Kitayama. Later, while screaming and slightly crying, he is seen running back to his village.

Back in his home, surrounded by other villagers, they ask where Kitayama was killed, before he can answer, Taoka arrives with Shinichi and Mitsuyo. Taoka asks if the killer was a stranger, and pulls Shinichi into view asking if it was him. While other find it unlikely that a kid with one arm could've done such a thing, Nakano sits quietly before giving his answer. Finally speaking, he becomes overwrough and says the killer wasn't even human. He begins describing the creature, being three meters tall and having four front legs. While Taoka watches, Naito and a few others begin laughing. Agitated, Nakano shows them the blood on his shoulder and that it belonged to Kitayama. While continuing to plead his case, the police arrive. The Detective asks where Kitayama was killed, causing Nakano to state he'll never go back out there. Naito quickly reassures him that if a large group goes, that they'll be ok. He believes that they need hunters, but the Detectives say they'll have to evaluate the murder scene first.

In the forest, Nakano, Taoka, Naito and the detectives look for Kitayama's body. After finding his ravaged corpse, the Detectives confirm one last time it wasn't human with Nakano. Back in the village Nakano and the rest are told to stay indoors and to lock their homes up. It's unknown if he decides to go with the hunters in search of the monster.

The next morning, the whole village is informed that the monsters body had been found, it's likely that Nakano was among those who went to investigate.

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