Naito anime

Naito manga

Personal statistics
Name Naito
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 22
Manga debut Chapter 59
Seiyuu Takuma Suzuki
English Voice Jack Ivy

Naito is a member of a small village.


Naito has short brown hair, a mustache along with stubble on his chin. He is seen in a green jacket with a black collor, and a tan shirt underneath. In the manga he wore a dark shirt and a pair of jeans.


Naito was the first person to become suspicious that Shinichi wasn't Mitsuyo's nephew. He along with other villagers, laughed at Nakano when he described the monster.


Naito is first seen walking with Taoka, its then they cross paths with Mitsuyo, who is walking with a young man. Naito asks if thats her new boyfriend, to which she angrily replies that its her nephew. Mitsuyo tells him to go away after he stares at Shinichi's missing arm.

A few days later Naito is seen with other villagers questioning Nakano about Kitayama's murder. They ask Nakano if he remembers where he was killed. Just then Taoka arrives and brings the suspected Shinichi in to possibly be identified as the killer. They find it unlikely as he's just a kid and handicapped at that. As Nakano begins retelling what he saw and what transpired, Naito and a few others laugh at the prospect of such a thing. While continuing to try and convince them that his story is genuine, the police arrive. When asked by the Detectives to bring them to the crime scene, Nakano initially rejects the idea, but Naito assures him that a large group of people would be much safer and that he'll go with them.

In the forest, Naito, Nakano, and Taoka along with the Detective search for Kitayama's body. They soon find his corpse and Naito is visibly disgusted. He looks around and screams in horror after seeing Kitayama's half eaten head skewered through a branch. Once back in the village, Naito and the others are ordered to stay indoors the next few days and lock up their homes.

The next morning the whole village is informed that the creature had been found dead. Its likely that Naito went along to investigate.

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