Mr. Yamamoto


Mr. Yamamoto manga

Personal statistics
Name Mr. Yamamoto
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Black
Occupation High School Teacher
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Seiyuu Takeharu Ōnishi
English Voice John Swasey

Mr. Yamamoto is a teacher that shared the classroom with Ryōko Tamiya.


Mr. Yamamoto is a tall middle aged man, with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. Being a teacher he is seen wearing business attire to look professional.

In the manga he wears glasses.


In the manga, Mr. Yamamoto demanded that his class pay attention to his teaching. He hit Shinichi in the head for embarrassing him infront of the class. He does seem to care for his students as he made sure they stayed in line and got out safely. He was able to keep his composure while other teachers, most notably Sasaki, were frantic and screaming.


In the manga, Mr. Yamamoto is first seen instructing his class, he quickly notices Shinichi, and proceeds to throw a piece of chalk at him. Without looking or noticingShinichi catches and crushes the piece of chalk. Embarrassed, Mr. Yamamoto hits Shinichi on the back of the head, confusing the boy.

The next day, Mr. Yamamoto, who is still hung up on Shinichi's antics, throws another piece of chalk at him. This time it hits Shinichi in the head. Mr. Yamamoto quickly apologizes and goes back to teaching the class.

In the anime, he is first seen taking Shinichi's phone in class, while having an amused look on his face.

Mr. Yamamoto is mentioned during an assembly in the gym, after Ryōko's introduction, it's said that she'll be the assistant teacher.

Much later, while teaching class Shinichi begins yelling and soon leaves the class room, confusing him and demanding an answer. During Hideo Shimada's rampage he kept a calm demeanor when escorting his class to safety. When Shinichi begins axting strangely and tries to separate himself from the class, he notices this and slaps the boy across the face, ensuring he stays with the class.

In the anime, Mr. Yamamoto replaces an unnamed teacher from the manga, where he calls on Shinichi in class to read and catches him day dreaming. He sarcastically tells Shinichi to leave if he doesn't want to be here. He along with the class are stunned when Shinichi actually leaves.


Its said that he can throw a piece of chalk with the precision and power of a professional pitcher. He uses this as a disciplinary tactic on students who aren't paying attention. He was seen doing this twice, failing the first time, but connecting the second. The class seems to be well aware of this and find it quite humorous.

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