Mr. Fujii

Parasite Couple 6

Mr. Fujii manga

Fuji Live action

Personal statistics
Name Mr. Fujii
Gender Male
Age 45
Status Unknown
Relatives, etc. Toshie Fujii (Wife - Deceased)
Shōko Fujii (Daughter - Deceased)
Minoru Fujii (Son - Deceased)
Species Parasite (Formerly Human)
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 1
Manga debut Chapter 1
Seiyuu Takuma Sazuki
English Voice John Gremillion
Image Gallery

Mr. Fujii is the husband to Toshie Fujii, and was the first person to be infected by a parasite.


Mr. Fujii was an average sized middle aged man with a slightly wrinkled face, he was seen wearing pajamas.


Nothing is known about his personality, other than as a parasite he was still learning how to speak, and was mimicing human faces and expressions.


Mr. Fujii is first seen asleep in bed, when a parasite crawls inside his head through his ear. He begins shaking and groaning, waking up his wife. After calming down he and his wife both go back to sleep. The next morning he is seen practicing facial expressions in the mirror, when his wife tells him to change and get something to eat. He then proceeds to walk over to her and bite off her head. Later he is seen mimicing the talking patterns and facial construction of a news reporter. His daughter returns home, and he kills her too. At some point he also kills his son, Minoru as well. Due to killing his family, Mr. Fugi started the incidents known as the Mincemeat Murders

Their deaths are reported on the news and leave him as the suspect, it's unknown if he was ever caught and killed or if he later integrated into society.

Abilities & Powers

As a parasite, Mr. Fuji has the basic abilities to shapeshift his head, and maximize the physical potential of the body he's controlling. He can harden his cells into a substance harder than steel for offensive and defensive purposes.


Like all parasites, Mr. Fuji is weak against fire, it causes his surface cells to react in a way that causes functions to fail. Being a parasite he requires use of the hosts organs and digestive systems. Should his body become damaged beyond repair or he become separated from the body, he would soon shrivel up and die.

It should be noted that parasites are still susceptible to poisons and toxins.

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