Mitsuyo manga

Personal statistics
Name Mitsuyo
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives, etc. Unnamed Husband - (Deceased)
Species Human
Eye Black
Hair Grey
Occupation Retailer (Former)
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 22
Manga debut Chapter 59
Seiyuu Seiko Fujiki
English Voice Vicky Baroush
Image Gallery

Mitsuyo is an old woman, who gave shelter to Shinichi, after his fight with Gotou.


Mitsuyo is an old woman with medium length grey hair which she keeps pushed back. She has a long face and rather large chin, due to her age her face is considerably wrinkled. When at home, she is usually seen in house slippers and a long skirt and t-shirt.


She is said to have a sharp tongue, but is very kind hearted. She cared enough about Shinichi to try and stop him from leaving and getting himself killed. Due to her old job as a retailer, she can read a person fairly easy.


Mitsuyo is first seen late one night watching a Tv show about what people need to survive. After hearing a noise outside, she goes to check on it and sees an injured and exhausted Shinichi.

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