Personal statistics
Name Misaki
Gender Female
Status Alive
Relatives, etc. Unnamed Mother
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 1
Seiyuu Rie Murakawa
English Voice Brittany Djie

Misaki is a little girl, that Shinichi saved from getting hit by a car.


Misaki is a little girl with brown hair put into two pigtails. She was seen wearing a blue dress with a yellow long sleeved shirt underneath.


Nothing is known about Misaki's personality other than she was upset after the accident.


She is first seem running into the street, in front of Shinchi, while a car drives dangerously fast down the lane. Right before she is hit, Shinichi jumps in the way and stops the car with his right hand, by an awakened Migi. Misaki's mother comes rushing over and consoles her crying daughter.

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