Makiko Hayase



Personal statistics
Name Makiko Hayase
Japanese 早瀬 真樹子
Rōmaji Hayase Makiko
Gender Female
Age 15
Status Alive
Relatives, etc. Unnamed Mother
Unnamed Grandfather
Unnamed Younger Brother
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation Middle School Student
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 6
Manga debut Chapter 13
Seiyuu Yū Serizawa
English Voice Margaret McDonald
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Makiko Hayase (早瀬 真樹子, lit. Hayase Makiko) is a young schoolgirl, who lives with her parents in a small village, during the events of Shinichi's trip, she starts having a crush on him. Her family owns the Namiki Inn, in which Shinichi stayed at for a few days.


Makiko is an average sized teenage girl, she has brown hair, which is kept in a loose ponytail and brown eyes. She is often seen wearing her school uniform.


Makiko is a cheery young girl, who quickly takes a liking to Shinichi. She is very helpful, as seen when she walked Shinichi to the hospital to see his dad, and even chased Shinichi down to make sure he took the correct way to the coastline.


Makiko is first seen boarding the same boat as Shinichi, when he goes to see his hospitalized father, it's then that she notices one of her teachers Terai. She decides to sit next to Shinichi, hoping not to be noticed, and contemplates pretending that they're a couple if needed.

Shinichi then asks her if she's from Sakurazaki, and if she knows where the Sakurazaki Hospital is, to which she says yes. After an associate of Terai's comes over and asks if Makiko is a student of theirs, she asks Shinichi to hold a package of hers, he agrees. Terai then comes over, who recognizes Makiko, and asks why she isn't in school. He then takes her bag and looks through it, while telling Shinichi to stay away from his students. Makiko tells Terai that he's got nothing to do with, Terai then smacks her. After berating Makiko, Terai tries to take Shinichi's bag, but is stopped and Shinichi yells at him, scaring him away. After getting off the ferry Makiko thanks him, noting that she's never seen anyone stand up to him before.