Kubo manga

Personal statistics
Name Kubo
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Black
Hair Brown (Anime)
Black (Manga)
Occupation Police Officer
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 16
English Voice Houston Hayes

Kubo is the man who initially interviewed Kuramori.


He is a man of average height and weight, he has short brown hair, it was black in the manga. He was seen wearing a white dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and a green tie. He has a round face and a rather large nose.


He was professional, though became slightly irritated at Kuramori, who was too distraught at his recent loss, to properly cooperate. Though after leaving the room, he was seen making jokes about Kuramori's condition to a fellow officer.


Kubo is first seen interviewing Kuramori, trying to gather information on the recent killings of his wife and daughter. He was seen becoming annoyed when Shiro couldn't keep himself together long enough to divulge any information to them. He was surprised when Shiro asked to talk to detective Hirama. After getting a hold of Hirama, Kubo is outside talking with Yamakami, who actually began to mocks Shiro's state of mind.

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