Personal statistics
Name Kotani
Gender Male
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Black
Hair Black
Occupation High School Student
Series statistics
Manga debut Chapter 4

Kotani is a classmate of Shinichi's, that tried to beat him up.


Kotani is an average sized young man, with a round face, black hair and thick eyebrows. He was seen wearing the school's standard gym uniform.


Kotani was jealous of Shinichi, when Satomi, the girl he "has his eyes on", began cheering him on. He was quick to resort to violence and insults, but became cowardly, when Migi struck him back.


During a basketball game in gym class, Kotani notices Shinichi getting praise from Satomi, which makes him jealous and deliberately steps on Shinichi's shoes. After the game he approaches Shinichi and tells him to back off of Satomi, since he likes her. As Shinchi brushes him off and tries to walk away, Kotani start punching Shinichi. Trying to refrain from fighting, so that Migi stays asleep, Shinichi tries to talk him down. Kotani is then struck in the face by Migi and is layed out. When Shinichi asks if he's ok, Kotani quickly surrenders and frantically runs away.

Migi stated that he hadn't seen him, but he was just a coward.


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