Kawai Sumie


Personal statistics
Name Kawai Sumie
Gender Female
Status Alive
Species Human
Eye Black
Hair Black
Occupation Housekeeper
Series statistics
Manga debut Chapter 20

Kawai Sumie is the housekeeper at Shinichi's house.


Kawai is an older woman, with medium length hair. She is often seen wearing floral pattern shirts, and a skirt.


Kawai is a kind and soft spoken woman, she seems to shy and uncertain of herself at times.


Sometime after returning from the hospital, Kazuyuki hired Kawai as their housekeeper. She is first seen informing Shinichi, that his father is talking with three other men at the moment.

Kawai is later seen watching a tv special, about the monster, that multiple students claimed to have atacked the school. When Kazuyuki enters the room, she quickly turns off the tv and apologizes. Kazuyuki tells her that it's all right for her to relax, and in return she tells him that she just saw Shinich on tv. After he leaves, she thinks herself a fool for even mentioning it.

When Shinich comes home, she begins to tell him that he was on tv, but stops herself out of embarrassment, though Shinichi was able to guess what she was going to say.


  • Other than Shinichi mentioning that they should get a housekeeper to his father, she is omitted from the Parasyte -the maxim- anime series.

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