Kawada anime

Kawada manga

Personal statistics
Name Kawada
Gender Male (Body)
Status Deceased
Species Parasite
Eye Black
Hair Black
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 15
Manga debut Chapter 37
Seiyuu Shinya Hamazoe
English Voice Kyle Colby Jones
Image Gallery

Kawada is a Parasite killed by Shinichi in a parking garage.


Kawada has the appearance of a man in his 20's with slicked back black hair with fringes hanging in front. He was seen wearing a leather jacket.


Not much is known about his personality other than he seemed to dislike humans, and had confidence in his combat capabilities.


Kawada is first seen entering one of the designated feeding grounds set up by Mayor Hirokawa along with his meal. Upon entering he is confronted by Shinichi and Migi. Kawada quickly kills his victim and begins to fight Shinichi, all while the investigator is filming. Though holding his own at first his body is quickly dismembered into numerous pices by the tag team.

He is later mentioned as the catalyst that pushed the Parasites to come to the conclusion that Shinichi Izumi is too dangerous to keep around and proceed to send Miki to kill him.

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