Kato police anime

Kato police manga

Personal statistics
Name Kato
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Species Human
Eye Brown
Hair Brown (Anime)
Black (Manga)
Occupation Military Official
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 19
Manga debut Chapter 52
Seiyuu Shinya Hamazoe
English Voice Christopher Ayres

Kato was a soldier that took part in the extermination of the Parasites.


In the anime Kato is seen wearing tatical armor, he also has a helmet that sends a constant video feed to the buses outside. He has brown hair and eyes, with light mustache stubble. In the manga, Kato is seen wearing less protective armor and has a large defined nose.


Kato was seen following the orders he was given. He became annoyed at Mayor Takeshi Hirokawa for causing them more problems. Though he prioritized maintaining order in the lobby than keeping Hirokawa in a single area.


Kato is first seen along with his squadron entering the City Hall to maintain order. Afterthe remaining soldiers get into position, he asks the civilians to remain calm and that there is an evacuation plan. Meanwhile, his helmet is sending a live stream of the building to the buses outside.

After Mayor Hirokawa and his associates enter the lobby, he is quickly annoyed by him taking control of the situation and changing the order of evacuation. Hirokawa soon approaches Kato, angered that the Military would treat the citizens of the city in such a way. After the parasites begin fighting back killing numerous people, Kato allows Hiroka to return to the upper floors to search for more survivors.

It's unknown how Kato was killed, be it by an unnamed parasites or Gotou himself, but due to every soldier in the building being killed, it's known he is indeed deceased.

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