Hideo Shimada


Hideo manga

Hideo Shimada live action

Personal statistics
Name Hideo Shimada
Japanese 島田 秀雄
Rōmaji Shimada Hideo
Gender Male (Body)
Age Late Teens (Estimated)
Status Deceased
Species Parasite
Eye Brown
Hair Brown
Occupation High school student
Partner(s) Reiko Tamura
Series statistics
Anime debut Episode 8
Manga debut Chapter 18
Seiyuu Akira Ishida
English Voice Blake Shepard
Live Action Masahiro Higashide
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Hideo Shimada (島田 秀雄, lit. Shimada Hideo) is a Parasite with a teenager's body who decides to integrate with human society.


In the manga, Hideo is a young man of slightly above average height, with wide set shoulders and a generally sturdy build. He has heavily pointed eyes, with wide, flat eyebrows. His hair is neck length and black, with two short bangs at the sides of his forehead.

In the anime, he is slightly smaller, with a lankier build. He had brown hair and light brown eyes. He has a pointed fringe, which spikes down in the middle of his forehead. He wears the same school-uniform as Shinichi, which consist of a white shirt and a blue blazer, while in the manga he wears a white shirt with black suit pants.


When he made his first appearance, Hideo revealed himself to be a relatively peaceful Parasite. After being confronted by Shinichi and Migi, he claimed he had no intention of harming Shinichi or anyone in his school and was more interested

Despite this, it was revealed that Hideo held no qualms with brutalizing or even killing bullies who tried to start fights with him, and continued to hunt humans (despite his claims of learning to eat normal food instead).


Hideo is first seen having a conversation with Reiko, while feeding on a body. She asks him his body's age, telling him to observe and gather data on a boy named Shinichi Izumi. When he asks the point of all this, she replies that its for the greater good of their species.

Hideo then enrolls in Shinichi's high school and expresses a desire to become friends with Shinichi, who does not trust him. Yuko Tachikawa who gets a crush on him, then starts stalking him and one day, she managed to discovers his true identity, throwing alcohol into his open head cavity and causing him to go out of control. Unable to change his head back to normal, Hideo rampaged through the school, murdering 17 people. He was eventually killed by Shinichi and Migi on the roof of their school via a rock through the chest, which destroyed the heart.

Abilities & Powers

As a parasite, Hideo has the basic abilities to shapeshift his head, and maximize the physical potential of the body he's controlling. He can harden his cells for offensive and defensive purposes. During the massacre at the school, Hideo displayed incredible resilience and durability, taking multiple rounds to the body and killing dozens of students and police officers. It's wasn't until Shinichi threw a rock, roughly the size of a softball, with incredible force through Hideo's chest that he was stopped.

Hideo was aware of humans and their attractions towards each other, he used this knowledge and often shaped his face to looks that would easily allow him to entice woman into following him.