Herald Coffee Shop is a small café where Shinichi and Migi meet with Ryōko Tamiya and Mr. A. It's located near the train station.



The shop is first mentioned by Ryōko, while at school having a meeting with Shinichi, in hopes of having a more thorough conversation.

At the coffee shop, Migi tries to calm Shinichi down, due to his heart rate being to fast. Arriving, Ryōko bring a companion named Mr. A with her. Mr. A quiclky realizes Shinichi has a human brain and prepares to attack, though is stopped by Ryōko. She reveals to Shinichi that she and Mr. A have had sex and that she's know pregnant. Migi deduced that the baby is indeed human, which brings into question where their species originated. Agitated and bored, Mr. A leaves the cafe saying he couldn't careless about what he is and tells Shinichi that he'd better stay out of his way.

Ryōko then proceeds to tell Shinichi that she would like to keep her human identity. Easily crushing a metal spoon, she informs Shinichi that she could kill the whole classroom of students in three seconds, if he were to try anything illogical. After she leaves, Migi makes note that he's never seen Shinichi this scared before, who in turn, starts pouring cold water on him.

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